"In the Beginning"

Production is the most important part of the music process other than the song itself, but it is often neglected and over simplified. Hear how with elegance, craftsmanship and innovation we can take your music to new levels.


Until now, only major labels and artists have benefitted from an elite sound that for the small guy was impossible to achieve. With the help of technology and innovation, true craftsmen can achieve superior quality without a superior price tag.


"The Ultimate Balancing Act"

"How do I get my music to sound like that?" we often get asked. Hear how we take your 'ingredients' and put together a wonderful sonic experience,  full of color, emotion and vibe!!


Here at SSP we believe in taking something good and presenting it in a way you couldn't imagine. Clear, crisp and full of life!!



"Enhancement Not Transformation"

So your song is mixed and you think to yourself, "something is  missing!" We can help! We will add that 'special sauce' to complement the work you've already done.


With most music being sold online nowadays traditional CD mastering practices are becoming a thing of the past.

Here at SSP we are up to speed with the latest digital delivery formats.  Mp3, Flac, AAC, MFiT. Not sure about all of this? Let us be your guide to the new sonic possibilities.



“What do I need /What should I buy?”

Research is key, but who’s got the time?

It's all about having the right equipment to suit your needs.

With technology pushing full steam ahead, figuring out what to invest in can be a daunting task. Here at SSP we not only understand how the audio technology is evolving but we understand the need to be more efficient and practical, while being budget conscious. There is always a better way!!


With the multitude of options available we can help simplify and provide clarity to your audio technology wants and needs. We know how to use audio equipment in the real world - not just selling it to you from behind a counter.


We've had the pleasure of helping project studios, commercial studios, event spaces, houses of worship and various artists bring their vision to life.. navigating audio technology. Need Help? Contact us!